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Night Romance - 2016 Blue Pearl - 2015 Autumn Colours - 2014 Sun Believer - 2014 Enjoying Life - 2012 Provocative Innocence - 2011
Collected Ambient Works - 2011 Coming Home - 2010 Light in the Dark - 2009 Sensual Pleasures - 2009 Great Moves - 2009 Hope Remains - 2008

  • NELSON, United States

    »Sonic Mystery will take you into the streams and distant places of your own inner worlds. Sensitivity and clarity in the musical matters of this delicate level of composition, continue to prove the irreplaceable value of these creations. This music has dreamlike grooves and colours which are other-worldly.«

  • DAWN, England

    »Sonic Mystery sure know how to make beautiful music, that really does touch the heart and soul of the listener. As you listen you are touched by the heavenly, angelic beauty of this refined, elegant, inspirational music. Sonic Mystery have the incredible ability to make us all feel loved, wanted, needed and cared for.«


412 Completed projects • 32.000.000+ Listens of our music online

2800+ Clients videos with our music • 2100+ In-store radio locations streaming our music

136 Countries where our music or services are present

  • Audio Editing

    We are modifying recordings by removing mistakes, pauses, unwanted sounds and parts from audio or video projects.

  • Audio Restoration

    We are making recordings more clearer and understandable by removing noise, clicks, crackles, hum, echo, ess and clipping.

  • Music Licensing

    We are licensing our music for a profit-making use of any kind. You can find our music library here .

  • Audio Mastering

    We are making recordings sound even better by enhancing the quality with the finishing touch of our processing.


Our clients include some of the world's top companies in their sector and award-winning artists.

Jamendo Vsebina Hikikomori Volkswagen Nestlé Era France Télévisions Hewlett Packard
AudioSparx Renault Canal+ Melbourne Health L'Officiel de la Franchise Le Figaro Toyota University of Bergen Mtv
Le Nouvel Observateur Rtl9 Tf1 Getty Images Ambrosia Southern Cross University Yves Rocher Geoffrey Beene Mazda

and many more.

  • HIKIKOMORI, Germany

    »It has been an absolute delight working with Sonic Mystery. We were very impressed by their knowledge and execution to deliver a high quality product on time.«


    »Keep up the great job.«


    »Very good work. This is among the best we have received.«

  • VSEBINA, Slovenia

    »We really enjoyed working with Sonic Mystery and discovered their exceptional creativity in composing jingle.«

  • THOMAS, Sweden

    »I've tried doing it on my own for many years.
    I can safely say it's nothing compared to the tracks Sonic Mystery have produced for me.«

  • RAYMOND, Germany

    »Wonderfully mastered. That's what I like and know from Sonic Mystery.«

  • CARRY, Usa

    »Very professional production. I am impressed with the quality.«

  • ALEX, Brazil

    »I'm really impressed with the difference. You gave more life to my music. I hear elements and details that I had not perceived before the treatment.«



Provital, Dejan Bucalo s.p., Sonic Mystery™, Goriče 41, 4204 Golnik, Slovenia, European Union
Sonic Mystery is a trademark of Provital .


ID TAX number: 21111669, Account number: 051008013112743, IBAN: SI56051008013112743, SWIFT: ABANSI2X


E mail: here , GSM: 00386 41 83 88 77



    Sonic Mystery is an audio processing trademark founded in 2008. He has released several music albums and produced material for clients.
    Sonic Mystery is certified in audio engineering and music production. He is a proud and registered buyer of his entire hardware and software equipment.


    Royalty free music is music that is not managed by performance rights organizations. Sonis Mystery chooses to protect his rights through specific non exclusive licenses such as Creative Commons. Sonic Mystery defines what rights they grant on their music.


    It can be viewed as leasing Sonic Mystery's property out to someone for a fee, based on how and where they intend to use it, and for how long.
    Licensing restrictions: use in productions advocating racism, discrimination, drugs, tobacco, violence, religions, politics, military, pornography prohibited.


    Creative Commons are licenses that enable musicians to give away their music for free while protecting their rights. They are easy to use and compatible with internet standards, and allow rights holders to authorize (or not) certain uses of their music, such as commercial uses and derived works.


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