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A l b u m s

12845000 Online listens • 373500 Downloads • 139 States

»Sonic Mystery will take you into the streams and distant places of your own inner worlds.
This music has dreamlike grooves and colours which are other-worldly.«

NELSON, United States

»This music gives me a tongue to taste the honey from its gardens of delights.
It fills my head with star-filled dreams and heals me of loneliness.«

BARBARA, United States

»Our music lover community and professional clients are delighted by Sonic Mystery.
One can only be impressed by catchy, well-recorded and original songs.«

JAMENDO, Luxembourg

Some of the songs were entirely created by Sonic Mystery and some contain
a certain licensed part created by a participating musician.

S i n g l e s

Sound services

Certified sound engineer and music producer

632 Completed sound editing and sound processing projects

192 Sold commercial licenses

  • Sound Editing

    Modifying recordings by removing mistakes,
    pauses, unwanted sounds and parts from
    sound or video projects.

  • Sound Processing

    Making recordings sound better, clearer
    and understandable with the finishing
    touch of digital processing.

  • »Whenever we're faced with a particularly
    challenging recording, it inevitably ends at Sonic
    Mystery. Dejan always manages to do something
    between miracle and pure magic.«

    IPSPACE, Switzerland
  • »It has been an absolute delight working
    with Dejan. We are impressed by his knowledge and
    execution to deliver a high quality product on time.«

    HIKIKOMORI, Netherlands
  • »I am really impressed with the difference after
    your treatment. You gave more life to my music.
    Now I hear details that I had not perceived
    before your processing.«

    ALEX, Brazil
  • »I've tried doing it on my own for many years
    and I can safely say it's nothing compared to the
    tracks that Sonic Mystery have produced for me.«

    THOMAS, Sweden


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Provital, Dejan Bucalo s.p., Sonic Mystery™, Goriče 41, 4204 Golnik, Slovenia, European Union
ID TAX number: 21111669, Account number: 040010050476364,
IBAN: SI56040010050476364, SWIFT: KBMASI2X


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